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Air Duct Cleaning Cudahy CA

According to Environmental Protection Agency, our homes can be polluted by more than 70%. Much more polluted than the outside world. Aside from that, they also classified indoor air pollution as one of the main environmental risks of everyone’s health. It is very alarming right? No doubt in the drastic increase in the number of allergy and asthma cases every year.Air Duct Cleaning Cudahy CA

Just imagine, the air that you are breathing right now can immediately affect our body’s coordination system such as moods, digestion, depression, sleep, irritability and other processes in your body. So, it is better to improve the quality of the indoor air and for sure you’ll going to have a wonderful time.

Air Duct Cleaning Cudahy CA will help you remove these pollutants. Our company, Air Duct Cleaning Cudahy CA with our powerful equipment and tool in duct cleaning, we assure you a brighter and a cleaner future. We’ll improve your HVAC system’s functionality in a minimal cost. The years of staying together with mites, dirt, allergens and other contaminants is over. You just need to cooperate to us in order to start the cleaning process.

This is what you can expect after scheduling an appointment with us:

  • Our staffs will come in to your house on time with proper uniform and clear mark of our company in the truck, Then they will talk to you in a polite manner and review the services that you have requested for them to do.
  • Before they begin the cleaning process procedure, they will first explain to you how important it is to clean and purify your air ducts in your home, Then, it will then use its latest and powerful equipment to vacuum out the debris and dust in the air ducts.
  • Our specialist will now prepare your home for the process. It will now cover the floor with cloth to protect the furnishing or place corner guards if necessary, Then, they will now seal carefully the return vent.
  • You don’t need to wonder what is going on, our staff will explain to you every single detail in the process on how they use the equipment we have, An 8 inch vacuum will be connected to the main trunk line. It will now serve as the collector which is clogged in the air system during the cleaning process.
  • Specialized tools and high pressure air are used to force the debris out to the containment unit, also Compressed air hose is now inserted to the air whip to loosen the dirt from the ducts.
  • Installation of galvanized sheet metal is the done by the technician. He will then attach it to the 12 screw in compliance with NACDA standards and seal it with metal tape, After this, our technician will now review and ask your question and your feedback.

Schedule an appointment with us, Air Duct Cleaning Cudahy CA and we’ll secure your family’s health wellness.

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